• What are the benefits of making online wills?
    Legal Online Wills

    What are the benefits of making online wills?

    There have been a lot of controversies online about the benefits of making online wills. In fact, some still compare writing a will online to the old style of writing a will. Oh! Let’s note that visiting a lawyer is still on these days. But, of course, you can’t compare the rate at which people make things work online to face-to-face contact. Gone are the days when people visited or invited a lawyer to help them creating a legal document about their will.  Recently, I noticed that people are not interested in contacting lawyers. Instead, they prefer to contact online will service providers to get a template.  However, are there…

  • Top six best online will makers in 2022
    Legal Online Wills

    Top six best online will makers in 2022

    Hello there! I have a special message for people seeking help with online wills. Gone are the days when people sit in front of a lawyer to express themselves. In this age, you don’t need to spend money to get a lawyer before writing your will.  Of course, I know many people who are conversant with an online will. But the issue now is how to get the best online will makers. First, you need to know some information about how online will work.  It would have been easy to tell you to visit search engines to search for online wills makers. But, of course, online platforms are the best…

  • Is an Online Will legal?
    Legal Online Wills

    Is an Online Will legal?

    Is it legal to create an online will, and is it tenable according to the law? This question has been hovering over the use of wills and testaments, and it is high time we addressed it. You can do everything online, including shopping, counselling, consulting, schooling, and ordering your favourite pizza. Even if you want to file for your taxes or renew your insurance, everything is now available online. There is no more reason to leave the comfort of your home before completing the process.  When it comes to creating a legal document like a will online, people assume it is taking it too far. Consequently, they conclude that even…